116. 5월 27일 에듀프로이모저모
전세계가 한국의 학교 등교 소식에 관심을 많이 갖는 모습입니다. 이곳 캐나다에서도 한국의 학교 등교 소식이 뉴스에 나오는 등 관심이 집중되고 있는데요. 특히 BC 주의 경우 6월1일 일부 학생들에 대한 학교 등교가 시작되는 만큼 한국 학교들의 등교 뉴스에 귀 기울이고 있습니다. 한국 학교들의 교실 모습 (투명 가림막이 책상에 설치 되어 있는 모습) 과 등교 시 발열 체크를 하고 모든 학생들이 마스크를 착용한 모습 등이 이곳 뉴스를 통해 전달 되었습니다.

한국에서는 캐나다 전체 확진자 수만을 가지고 뉴스를 내보내다 보니 확진자 수가 많다는 심각한 뉴스만이 전해 지는 것 같습니다. 여기 칠리왁의 속한 BC주의 소식을 전해 드리면,  오늘 하루 추가된 확진자 수는 11명이고 현재 BC주의 총 확진자 수는 2,541명입니다. BC주의 권고에 따라 사회적 거리두기나 물리적 거리두기를 잘 실천하였기 때문에 다른 주에 비해 바이러스의 확진세가 현저히 낮게 나타나고 있습니다. 게다가 이곳 칠리왁은 확진자수가 굉장히 낮은 것으로 알려져 있으므로, 에듀프로 학생들의 건강은 크게 염려 하지 않으셔도 됩니다. 또한 홈스테이 가족들이 아이들의 건강을 최우선으로 삼고 홈스테이 생활을 잘 서포트 해 주고 있습니다.

이번 학년이 마무리 되기 까지 약 한 달의 시간이 남아 있습니다. 학교에서 제공되는 온라인 수업과 에듀프로에서 제공하고 있는 온라인 수업에 성실히 참여한 학생들의 경우 자기 주고 학습과 더불어 영어 학습 능력에 큰 향상을 나타내고 있습니다. 에듀프로의 Mr. Chadsey 선생님과 영어 집중 수업을 하고 있는 학생들은 얼마 전 Mary Shelley의 Frankenstein을 읽은 후 에세이를 작성하는 수업이 있었습니다. 에듀프로의 박상현 학생이 작성한 에세이를 소개해 드립니다~~
Creating life from nothing

    Science has given birth to many magnificent inventions that made people’s lives much more convenient. It is like a ray of light in a sense that science won’t stop improving as long as humans still populate earth. However, as the saying “curiosity kills the cat” goes, getting too curious about one subject could lead to disastrous results. One of the examples is being creating life from nothing. Although this seems like a good idea at first, it is not a good idea for a man to be able to create a life from nothing.

In a book by Mary Shelley called Frankenstein, the protagonist Victor Frankenstein tried  to create a living being because of his fear against the prospect of death. This was caused by the death of his mother and brother which left him orphaned at a young age.  During the story Victor says, “No father could claim the gratitude of his child so completely.” This aspect of motherlessness was the  main theme of the story. A living being that was created by man alone won’t be able to function properly and the same could be said a being that was only created by woman as well. 

Additionally, due to how Victor treated his creation, his own monster turned in him and killed everyone that was dear to him. The same thing could still happen if people had the ability to create life out of nothing. For example, there are many stories of AIs going out of control and attempts to kill its creator and all humans by extension. Some people believe these are all just fiction and laugh it off. However, everyday the technology around us gets smarter. For instance, the bot that manages the social media can easily put out any set of videos or messages someone would like just by judging from their search history of that social media. The same can be also said about creation by man as well. People could shelter that creature in however they wish but one mistake could prove fatal. Even if the creator does take care of it with their best abilities at the end of the day it’s still technically not human. This could also lead to people looking down on that creature and only view them as tools and not as an equal human being. It is vile nature like this that can ultimately lead to humanity’s undoing.

Lastly, it is in human nature to inevitably fall prey to power. Creating life out of nothing might have started out with good intentions at first but eventually it could also amplify the person’s ego. Playing god isn’t something people should do and it only makes people’s lives detrimental. By creating artificial human beings this could lead the person thinking they have the right to control who lives and who dies. This is unethical since no one should have that kind of power. Furthermore, by expanding the creation of manmade beings this could also lead to extinction of regular living beings as well since there would be too much artificial humans for regular humans to reproduce.

Creating living beings out of nowhere seems like a good idea at first but the consequences for the action might be too dire. There is a high chance that it could develop a negative outlook on humans and attempts to overthrow humanity. Additionally, the creators might think of themselves as a god of some sort and get corrupted by his position and forget his or her original goal. Deciding who lives and dies isn’t something any humans should decide due to being unethical and creating artificial living beings would only make this problem worse.